Just in time for re-election as the polls sag and just like in 2003, the NWO magically captured Saddam, even videotaped his staged death and now CIA agent Bin Laden is captured just in time for Obama’s relection campaign

By: Spiro

The whole thing is a stage show written by CIA director George H. Bush.

They were getting scared that a rogue non politician that is not part of the NWO scheme, was taking away their control on their controlled candidates in any presidential elections.

This is announced on a Sunday, so that the media has all week to promote Obama re-election and so that he has talking points for his debates.

Last week, they were saying they had him, but had to confirm, then you knew it was being planned and orchestrated for maximum exposure.

For it to be announced during Celebrity Apprentice, just shows you this is all orchestrated bullshit by Ofraud and the NWO establishment.

Bin Laden is a CIA agent that has been involved with George H. Bush Sr. since day one to control oil in the middle east.

9/11 was an inside job for oil and to control the liberties of Americans. To sell Rapiscan scanners and other sheer NWO control bullshit.

Obama is a puppet, a corporate communications director of the New World Order. However he’s a lousy one and they had to save the Bin Laden card for when Obama will really suffer in the polls, which is now.

Add a non politician not in their system, like Trump, the NWO had to pull out this card now.

This is a planned scheme all the way to George H. Bush Sr. desk.

Don’t get us wrong, we’re glad they expose and catch their NWO agents that are out to do events like planning the inside job that was the WTC or Oklahoma City, etc. but just don’t beat around the bush and sugar coat events like this in order to help get this puppet we have in office re-elected.

We know the media will try to rape you with Obama the hero, you as a voter, need to have an open mind and understand what is really going on here.

Since after JFK, this country is run by a rogue shadow government hell bent on money, power and control. Not about you or your safety.

Bin Laden was the boogey man there to scare you into giving up your liberties. Killing over 3,000 people at the WTC, none 1 jewish person by the way. All planned that way.

Anyhow, don’t forget your swine flu shot, remember that one? lol

So they will bury the body at sea, so that you will never know for sure. Just believe them, ok? lol


THIS WHOLE THING IS A JOKE MEANT TO FOOL YOU INTO BELIEVING IN OBAMA ONCE AGAIN. The NWO is very sloppy these days. I guess George Bush Sr. is getting really old and has lost his mojo.



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