Illuminati & the NWO are Jews / Jews / Israel give you hints of their actions, brainwash you via their Hollywood movies they produce for jewish propaganda, Transformers 3 is about Israel vs. Middle East

Case in point, Transformers 3 and 2 are written by jews, just like many movies are produced and or written by jews, if you look at it from this point of view you will see they are trying to brainwash you subliminally into thinking that Iran is a threat and jews are the good guys. Transformers movies are a perfect and clear example of jewish propaganda.

In Transformers 3, the Autobots are the Jews, The Decepticons are Iran, the humans are the United States, watch it knowing this and you will see their scheme of brainwashing. Many times in the movie, they mention that they humans (USA) must help the Autobots (Israel) fight the evil Decepticons (Iran) from deleting planet earth.

The main hero is a real life Jew, Shia Lebouf. He saves the world. Always a jew, to save the world. No longer a white man, black man or other can save the world.

The autobots is meant to represent Israel. Many times they bring up that they will save the world (USA). In the movie, they also show images of what happened exactly on 9/11, planes hitting buildings, then in one point they state, “we had to do that because you didn’t help us at first” something to that affect. Almost apologizing to the USA for creating 9/11 against America for not supporting Israel in 2000 and 2001 after Al Gore lost and changed the plans they had.

Transformers 1, 2, 3 was written by jews for jews to brainwash stupid non jewish people. While you think its a fantasy movie, they are really trying to subliminally program you like they do in many other movies, like the movie, “2012” and others as seen in the video above.

99% of jews are very controlling people and very very manipulative people who only look out for themselves, not for any other race. In their religion, they are not allowed to help a non jew, nor allow anyone other than a jew get bigger than themselves. It’s in their code and mantra. To never let a non jew obtain a higher status than them. They are in every top position in banking, government, etc. etc.

Watch Transformers 1, 2 and 3, especially 3 and see for yourself that the Autobots are really Israel, Humans are the USA, and decepticons are Iran. Listen/Read the dialogue and you will see the messages. See the visual images of 9/11 and also rubbing in your face about the JFK assasination, the fake moon landing, all Israel cover ups done by jew writers and jew movie makers.

In the end, see the credits for all the jewish control freaks who created this, also see all the military bases and people that helped make this movie. It’s all because Israel controls our military. Israel is the real world’s terrorist organization. They created 9/11, created a fake boogeyman in Osama Bin Laden, and goes after every middle eastern leader or South America leader because they can’t have a non jew control anything of importance.

Steven Spielberg is the ultimate jew manipulator of Hollywood. All his movies lately, A.I. and others are about Israel/jews domination over the planet.

Just be aware of the mind tricks they play in movies. Go enjoy the movies, but be VERY VERY aware that many times, they are subliminally trying to get you to side with Israel and their terrorist actions against the world, both in the financial markets and military.

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