A war for Israel


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8 responses to “A war for Israel

  1. Tuxkabin

    Mitt tonight on CNN said his father was born in Mexico, You might want to look up the real meaning of Natural born Citizen so you will understand the constitution says that both parents must be born of Soil natural soil of America not Kenya and damn sure not Mexico. Mitt is no better that Obama, now anyone can run for the President’s office as long as they have no long history supporting America by birth. Not one person ask Mitt how he could be President legally of America without first violation the United States constitution. This country is in real trouble because I would have thought Ron Paul would have said something about this so he could have won this election tonight. This is really scary. Don’t get me wrong I grew up in Ron Pauls district all of my life.

  2. Tom Osborne

    Romney’s father’s parents were US citizens, so his father wasa US citizen, regardless of his birthplace. The Constititution does NOT requier what you wrote. Get a copy and read it, please.

  3. Wow you and your site make sick!

  4. Wow you and your zionist jews make sick!

  5. Anonymous

    to the owner of this blog: you’re a fucktard…..just sayin………..

  6. to the owner of your mom: you’re a fucktard…..just sayin……..

  7. katy.perry@gmail.com

    to the owner of your thorazine meds, give them to weird muslim whore pleaz, she’s shovin he queeran up mher hole again and writing strange things, lol

  8. Pete

    Wikileaks and David Duke are Zionist treachery too. The “white nationalist” movement is riddled with government agents, “butch” homosexuals, blackmailed radio-controlled robots, etc…

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