Boycott Mark Levin’s sponsors

Okay, I took the hit and listened to this annoying squeaky weasel from 6pm to 7:45pm today for the first time in my life. I have guests coming over and can no longer listen, but here are the sponsors from today’s show so far. My stream got cut off around 7:00pm for a few minutes and I might have missed some during that commercial break. I cannot understand how people can put up with this thing’s annoying voice, partisan politics, and hypocritical statements. Imo, the major sponsors we should go after are Goldline, Rosetta Stone, Geico, ADT, and Sears Roofing.
Amac, The Association of Mature American Citizens 800 303 0661

Disability Benefits Alliance 888-788-6902 (home repair) brought to you by American Water Works Association

Ageless Male (Testosterone substance) 800 473-2440 800-273-4155

Heritage for The Blind (asking for junk cars) 800-895-8035 (twice)

Rosetta Stone 800-338-1987 (Three times)

ADT Security 888 987 3232 (Three times)

US Tax Shield 800 299 1855 (twice)

Goldline Ad (read by the hack himself) 877-365-coin

Barracuda Networks (

Geico (read by the weasel)

Sears Roofing 888-990-2233

John Commuta’s Transforming Debt 800-700-6439 (Tax Service) 800-968-1099 (read by this prostitute himself)

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