Zionist jews and their small dicks


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5 responses to “Zionist jews and their small dicks

  1. katy

    so the truth come out! obambi is a self-hating jew like alinsky and presonazi i’madinnerjacketa nd worried about his minioscule weenie, rotflol! yu just can’t make this shit up, rotflol!

  2. katy

    kill a few muslim motherfuckerin terrorists and yur dick will grow, lol!

  3. Considering Justin Beiber drew you to this website, goes to show what an idiot you are.

  4. katy

    yur jealous, aren’t you? LOL!

  5. islamowhores obsess on dick size since they are impotent, toothpick dick weadels and have a serious case of penis envy.

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