What a rogue nation

What a rogue nation…stop following democrats and republicans, follow no one. Think for yourself and follow whomever follows the constitution regardless of what party they may be in. (i.e. Ron Paul and a few others)

You’re way smarter than to mindlessly follow 1 political party, regardless of what they do, just because they told you that you need to belong to 1 party. The left vs. right is a fake fixed staged fight to keep people apart and never able to get full power.

When it’s all said and done, only those in corrupt power will take care of themselves, they have no idea or care what party you belong to, when they decide to go to war, or go after you for their corrupt causes.

In all, don’t mindlessly fall trap to the left vs. right ideology. It’s set up to keep you mindlessly trapped in the system while they continue to do things that this video speaks about, like fighting over contraceptives in a staged fake left vs. right fight so you never join together and address the b.s that is happening to your freedoms in more important issues.

The news media is 95% propaganda, but anytime you see Judge Andrew Napalitano or Ron Paul to name a few on television or in a video, listen up.

And to Shepard Smith, you were sucking Obama’s cock in 2008, u pussy. Glad you are waking up.

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