Obama’s real father: Frank Marshall Davis


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7 responses to “Obama’s real father: Frank Marshall Davis

  1. Ace

    I don’t know…doesn’t explain where “Obama” got those purple Indonesian lips.

    At any rate, even the staunchest Obot doesn’t have the slightest idea who the fuck this guy is.

  2. Whitehall

    I’ve long recognized the resemblance. I suspect the real birth certificate will list Davis as father.

  3. Tom Osborne

    Frank Davis was a fag who molested young boy barry and tuned him into a commie islamowhore after his sperm donor fucked the dumb ass white girl who was his mama.

  4. Katy

    frank fagged barrry! you’d have to be a fag to let that fat ass pig faced bitch moochelle make you a bitch like she did barry,, lol!

  5. Tom Osborne

    Overheard at a lesbo bar in Shit-cah-gho: Girl, you got a balck Fiat 500 in each of you bac k jean pockets or you trying to look like Moochelle Zer0bama?

  6. katy

    hahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahaha, rothlmao!!!

  7. Tom Osborne

    Thank you,thank you. I’ll be hear all week. Remember to tip you waitress!

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