founder is a Israeli National Security Agency agent founder is a Israeli National Security Agency agent, so is his other jewboy assistant. is placing tracking codes on all computers.

Run spyware on your computers and you will see this tracking cookies and other hidden things from this company based in Israel.

Let the FTC know as well.


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5 responses to “ founder is a Israeli National Security Agency agent

  1. Tom Osborne

    None on my computer, but then again I’m not an iranian secret police agent spamming this site with silly anti-semetic posts. Guess that may be why, LOL!!!

  2. Anti Semetic, yawn, you jewbags love to use race, bait races against each other, then the religion card at every turn. Then you resort to your anti-semetic card, while hiding as normal white people. Shut The Fuck Up.

    Stop being so passive aggressive and cheap, jewbag. We know you hate Jesus, it gets old the endless jokes aimed at that dude — and we know that you want to bomb everyone that is not jewish. You crazy fuckers. Move to Israel and don’t forget to wear that black condom hat on your head, so we know to spit on your food when you order something. And oh yea, stop taking prescription meds, you crazy fuckers.

  3. I have visited a local stations news site here in the US, And using some traffic analyzing just visiting the page a request from taboolasyndication is made. And The server is indeed located in Israel. I am not an extremest of anykind but feel free to connect the dots.

  4. MD1

    I use firefox with a scripts blocker and for the first time ever I looked at the blocked or partially allowed sites and this one was listed as well as,,, and The governments of the world are aligning and technology has become the result of prophecy fulfilled concerning the whole world being enlightened and knowledge would be increased. The battle is and has always been spiritual and to be aligned with Israel is to be on the side of the living God that they have turned their back on so many times in recorded history. All the true Hebrew Jews have been collecting back in their homeland just as prophesied and the land has been the focus of the world since 1900 when the Jewish settlers began to re-inhabit their land. They had no where else to go and it had be a barren wasteland since the destruction of the temple in 70AD. What does this have to do with tracking? And what about all this hate speech here. Somebody should install a software to make asterisks or smiley faces. That will discourage those types of posts that are only hateful in nature. End times prophecies are being fulfilled at a lightning pace and all these things seem to point to the end times. Global warming is only a part of the total mess.

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