Barack Obama, the jews have him by the faggety balls


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7 responses to “Barack Obama, the jews have him by the faggety balls

  1. Tom Osborne

    Isrealis kill murderous muslim nazi scem terrorists. All real Americans support them doing so. They are America’s only real ally in mid-East and deserve strong US backing.

  2. Tom Osborne

    baracl-deCocky-elHusssieni-nazibama is anti-Semrtic and hates Isreal and Jews who defend themselves and kill the evil satantic spawn of the schiziod pederast muhammed. Not surprizing since baracky nazibama is a pig fucking faggot muslim himself. The nasty, fat-assed, perpetually angry pig-faced bitch barracky married does absolve him fo the faggot part though…

  3. Tom, Israel is the world’s terrorist country. PERIOD.

  4. Tom Osborne

    So that’s your problem, your on your period and blaming Isreal? Are you a woody allen self-hating jew?

  5. Nah, Israel is really the terrorists in banking, governments, you name it. They want total control just like the jewish race is when it treats non jews.

    You know what we’re saying, you know about the jewish mantra. When that hits governments and banking, they start to act like terrorists. Creating shit against other races, never laying blame on themselves.

    Shouldn’t you be at a Jesus Christ bashing web site? That’s one of your jewish obsessions, go there. lol

  6. Tom Osborne

    Your boy barry is going to lose in November. Then you’ll not have the fiction that you oppose him to hide your islamic terrorist fag agenda to hind behind

  7. Annie Ladysmithj

    Tom, STFU!STFU!STFU! U fuckin’ retard! Guess what? U jews and u rag-heads deserve one another, u r the same fuckin’ douchbags! GFY! ---> Talk back, don't let them hold you down...

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