4 shooters , not 1, don’t let the zionists control your mind

JabJab1 at 8:41 PM August 06, 2012


The morning that this event happened, me and a number of people were watching the news closely on a forum.  We saw every bit of news that came out that morning, and all of the news coming out right out of the gate was that there were “multiple shooters, highly trained”, and several sources reported FOUR shooters.

Right off the bat everyone was saying this was a false flag operation, and within an hour of the event there were both media and eyewitness reports that the police had removed all of the witness to a separate “debriefing” area.  Eyewitness reports ceased at that point.  From beginning to end the entire operation was conducted with military precision and control.

Within 30 minutes of this event, the media was littered with BS posts about the need for gun control.  If only a citizen on the scene had been armed!  A bunch of people on the forums were saying it would be blamed on some white supremacist, and sure enough that’s the story now.  Do not be fooled, do not give up your guns.  The only domestic terrorists are in our own government agencies, and as soon as you are unarmed they will have you.

People will tell you this is all about hate, blah blah blah.  All information about this has been controlled, and this is part of a plan to get around the 2nd Amendment to disarm the public.  Anyone with a gun could have killed the shooter, as in the Aurora case.

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