Paul Ryan, the GOP making sure Obama wins per zionist jewish orders

Paul Ryan is another one of these stupid puppets. What a joke and manipulation of the political system by the zionists.

Paul Ryan, LOL, give the presidency to Obama already. There is only 1 party folks, this is proof.


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2 responses to “Paul Ryan, the GOP making sure Obama wins per zionist jewish orders

  1. Anonymous

    Where is the FBI and Military Forces to shutdown this Zionist Controlled Elections?

  2. The zionists get the top positions in the FBI and Military. Our military is actually run by Israel. No really, it is.

    A jew will never promote or let a non jew get a title higher then himself/herself. They only help other jews out, never a non jew. Always remember that.

    There’s no hope but to call out the zionists jews. don’t let them call you anti-semetic, that’s their go to card while hiding as regular white Americans, when they are just over the top religious idiots for Israel at all costs even against America. They pass blame on everyone else but themselves. They will then try to corner you if you speak out. Just like they do to celebrities who call them out. They’re the most evil SOB’s in this planet. They are really terrorists from within.

    They want to enjoy living in America, but want us to pay for Israel as well. Typical jews. ---> Talk back, don't let them hold you down...

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