Obama and Romney, same jewish puppets

Let’s compare Obama’s and Romney’s stances on the issues:

Mitt Romney —– Barack Obama

Pro NDAA —– Pro NDAA
Pro Patriot Act —– Pro Patriot Act
Pro Agenda 21 —– Pro Agenda 21
Pro TSA —– Pro TSA
Pro Carbon tax —– Pro Carbon tax
Pro Individual Mandate —– Pro Individual Mandate
Pro Abortion —– Pro Abortion
Pro Endless Undeclared Wars—– Pro Endless Undeclared Wars
Pro Occupation—– Pro Occupation
Pro Torture —– Pro Torture
Pro Assassination —– Pro Assassination
Pro Drone Strikes —– Pro Drone Strikes
Pro Aid to Israel and Dictatorships —– Pro Aid to Israel and Dictatorships
Pro Drug War—–Pro Drug war
Pro Banker Bailouts —– Pro Banker Bailouts
Pro Federal Reserve —– Pro Federal Reserve
Pro IRS and IMF —– Pro IRS and IMF
Pro Corporatism —– Pro Corporatism
Pro Illegal Immigration —– Pro Illegal Immigration
Pro North American Union —– Pro North American Union
Pro Gun Grab —– Pro Gun Grab
Funded by Goldman Sachs —– Funded by Goldman Sachs
Lies to You —– Lies To you

Hmmm…seems I’m having difficulty here coming up with differences…they appear to be the same candidate. Help me out, people.


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2 responses to “Obama and Romney, same jewish puppets

  1. Can’t disagree with you on most of these issues, bout one real important difference is: obambi is a n!gger and romney aint.

  2. Tom Osborne

    Are all muslims stupid? Granted the waste of toilet paper Queeran will mak you stupid if you buy any of it’s nihilism, but If you can’t tell the difference between Romney and barry ‘islamowhore’ zerobamanation, you sure are Khalid.

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