jews are nuts

otto commented on 99% of jews, are the real crazy religious nuts of the world

Of course jews are nuts. You can be smart and nuts at the same time.
There is ample proof jews are smart but proof that they are nuts is also ample. It is not discussed for fear of being called Adolf.
Here they are:
Only a nut guy can wander for 40 years in the desert and even worse, only a nut people can follow him around for those 40 years.
Only people who are can consider a barren piece.of land the promised land.
Only nuy people escaping from the fertile Nile can call Mount Sinai and thereabouts the promised land.
Only people who are.nuts can then abandon their promised land becaused they get mad at the Romans and decide to wandet around the World whee over and ovet they are despised, persecuted and.killed by the millions.
Only.people who are.nuts need almost 2000 years and the Holocaust to decide they need their own land.
Only people.who are.nuts would going back to the same Mount Sinai neoghborhood, knowing it is occupied by people who are also nuts. I mean, by then the jews had been in almost any place on earth and certainly thete are better places to live. Any real estate agent could have told them.
Only nuts people will.manage their affairs and in the ptocess, again, become completely dependant, again, on the same peoples who over and over have killed them, in this case on the Anglo Europeans of North America whoo, soon, will become fed up with Jewish “success”.
Only nuts people can consider they are a light to the World when in fact it is the Greeks, the ancient Greeks, not the current yahoos who.inhabit Athens, that taught humans to think for themselves.
I mean, Jews, as people only invented the Bible, a seductive book pnly if you are nuts.
The Bible would make impossible.human free thinking because all answers are on some magical.stones handed.down by a God who is obviously also nuts. Only an all powerful god who is nuts can produce a World with so many nonsensical things.

So, it is obvious Jews are nuts. This does not mean non jews have a lock.on common sense either although i would argue most European peoples and many others are far less nuts than the Jews.

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