Romney and Obama = 2 puppets trying to run for President of Israel

If you love Israel so much , go run for President of Israel, you traitor puppets.


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6 responses to “Romney and Obama = 2 puppets trying to run for President of Israel

  1. Hey you guys from Obambi! Remember this time 4 years ago? That was fun, good peeps back then too. Will this site still be up and running if Romney wins? We gotta keep RINO’s on their toes too. At least the incompetent jug ear jerk off won’t get another 4 years to fuck us up even more than he already has. Also, school kids hate his sasquatch for fucking up their lunch menu’s. Send her back to the forest to eat bungbeetle larvae with fries. Catch ya’ll later!

  2. Ace

    “Obama” almost started WWIII. No wonder Hillary Clinton looks like she’s having a nervous breakdown. If he’s reelected, us and this blog won’t have another 4 years Frosteetoes.

  3. Ace and Frosteetoes, very good to see you guys again.

  4. Anonymous

    Well, it’s been a disappointing year. When was the last time anyone heard of/from Ron Paul? Here we go again…republicans seemed to have forgotten exactly who Mitt Romney really is. One year ago, they were screaming “anyone but Romney”! Now the guy is drawing huge crowds.
    On the other side, obots seem to have crawled back into their holes. “Obama” is watching live streams of two Navy SEALs taking out 60 terrorists before finally falling. Now we know why Biden said they had “balls as big as cue balls”. Biden was watching; probably laying bets. But “Obama” couldn’t do anything but watch his gun running operation go up in flames. What kind of world has this become? There are no more Dr. Pauls on the horizon. But, I still want “Obama” to get his ass kicked just to see what he does.

  5. Is it better to watch this election on MSNBC to see Tingles have a melt down when Obama loses or FOX to witness O’Reilly cream his pants when Romney wins? Decisions, decisions… ---> Talk back, don't let them hold you down...

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