Mitt Romney lost to John McCain, John McCain lost to Obama by a landslide, what made you idiots think he was going to beat Obama

GOP and the Democrats are 1 party, controlled by the jews so they can control the financial markets and war for Israel.

Ron Paul or Gary Johnson was your real chance to change the system.

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One response to “Mitt Romney lost to John McCain, John McCain lost to Obama by a landslide, what made you idiots think he was going to beat Obama

  1. DJ

    Hello Obambi,

    I couldn’t find your email address, so I had to leave this information in your comment section. Sorry about this.

    Listen, I live in Los Angeles, CA, and I just happen to be channel surfing when I landed on Channel 4 here in L.A..

    It was the news hour and they were just getting ready to go off the air when they had a little human interest story at the very end of their show, about a woman in Kenya, Africa who had just given birth to twin sons and was being interviewed by the reporter there in person, but it was the reporter here in L.A. who was the one doing the talking to the viewers watching. She was relaying the facts about the birth of the two twins and giving viewers the information. She was telling the viewers that, and I quote, “in honor of the Presidential election, she named one son Barack and another one Mitt”.

    However, this is NOT what caught my attention, and caught my attention it did.

    It was what she said at the very end of the store, when the reporter here in Los Angeles said to the viewers, and I quote “The babies (who had just been born and delivered) was born not too far from where Presidential Obama was born.”, end quote!!

    OH …… MY ….. GOD!!!!! I was absolutely shocked, shocked, shocked, and stunned that she actually said this out loud!! You can confirm this by getting a copy of the transcript and a copy of the on air segment. I did not have my DVD recorder on at the time because it was just the news and I didn’t think they were going to say anything worth while and I sure did NOT except that she were going to say something like that!! I was actually just getting ready to change the channel, but that segment just caught my attention for some odd reason and I continued to listen, and when she said that I just about jumped out of my chair when we heard her actually ADMIT and CONFIRM that Obama was born in Kenya.

    You HAVE to do something about this. He did NOT win and he should NEVER have been allowed to run. I always knew he was NOT born here and now she just confirmed it, and on a Liberal news station no less!! I think ALL these Liberal news stations KNOW he was NOT born here, and she just accidentally let is slip unintentionally.

    Please, you have to do something. You finally have a Liberal news reporter admitting this fact on the air in front of thousands of people who were also watching.

    Get a copy of tonight’s transcript from here in L.A. It was the news on Channel 4, which is KNBC. It was 6:30 pm, our time. It was a reporter by the name of Colleen Williams who accidentally said it. NOW you have an actual Liberal reporter admitting and confirming this fact!! Something we knew all along. ---> Talk back, don't let them hold you down...

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