AIPAC decides who gets to be president, not you

Our whole political system is owned by these people, these New World Order nazis.

When we vote for a president, we’re choosing from a pre-selected pool of people already approved to maintain the zionist stranglehold on Washington. So our votes are really null and void. But people buy it every 4 years because they didn’t notice the silent coup that took place in the days of Reagan. They think changing the presidents out will change the direction of the country. In the past 30 years, has it?

AIPAC is the most visible part of this entity, but it goes far deeper. It goes deeper than just Israel. It goes deeper than the zionists. It leads to a group of old money Jewish families in Europe who function very much as a mafia family functions. They’ve held sway over the west for the past 300 years. And you know the US is their pet, right?

It will take a revolution in this country to dislodge them and their operatives. And it will take a world war to bring them down in Europe itself. In regards to Islam, you’re in their way of world domination. They control international banking. We in the west and most of the world use their money system. Islam has it’s own banking system, and it’s proven difficult for them to crack. So you people have been targeted for destruction. Just so you know.

The war on terror is really about what I’ve just told you. And they’ll use their favorite pet as the muscle against you.

Please help us.


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