Just like 9/11, the Boston attack was done by Israeli Mossad agents to pin blame on Israel’s enemies. Mossad agents did this.

Why do you think Obama and that Israel prick of a president talked in Israel recently? To go over this attack.

Just like when Obambi went to Mexico a few months before Fast and Furious then happened.

This attack and other plans are for Israeli jewish bullshit causes. These people are religious nuts, who are hell bent on making sure jews take over the world. We are not fond of any religion because it’s all brain wash tactics from Muslims to jews, all of them are bat shit crazy at times with their religion bullshit. jews though take the cake on their religious nutty ness. They are dangerous because they control the media, money and government and can pin blame on their enemies easily.

Jews know that people are aware of jewish bullshit false flag tactics and it’s Israel behind most of the attacks , just like the zionists were behind 9/11, Then jews use Hollywood movies, the news and TV, to brainwash the masses, since they control the news and mass entertainment media. Only jews run anything that is important, they will never let a non jew into the fold to keep control and agenda for Israel at all costs.

Right away after ‘The Craft’ pictures showed up, they went crazy to pin it on 2 idiots to diffuse the heat on Israeli Mossad. Even setting off bombs in Waco to get the attention off Boston.

Israel is truly the world’s terrorist organization. When you hear a politician announce their love for Israel, or that Israel is America’s greatest friend, be careful, that politician is either a jew trying to suck small penis or is paid off by jewish blood money or threaten by bigger penises of a non jew.

This is so sloppy, they have to create another bombing in Waco, to get the heat off Boston’s bullshit. This has Israel written all over this. Listen to the 2 patsy’s family members, they are telling the truth, we’re sure. Sad to see how stupid Americans have become to believe what CNN Jewish News tells them to believe. You have Israeli agent Wolf Blitzer going back to his CIA days of spin and manipulation.

Oh and by the way, terrorists (Israel) laugh at Obama since Israel created and own his fake and Kenyan birth certificate and Obama knows it. He’s truly a puppet of Israel.

Osama Bin Laden turns into Obama Biden, give us a break, sloppy Israel.


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3 responses to “Just like 9/11, the Boston attack was done by Israeli Mossad agents to pin blame on Israel’s enemies. Mossad agents did this.

  1. Anonymous

    i do not like the language in your article. but i believe the article about boston bombing. i feel sorry for the two young men and their families. it is a tragedy. i believe there is one true God only and outside the true God there is damnation. i do not agree with you when you said religions are false. i see the miracles of the catholic faith before me and it is true. all these things are happenings because there is no fear of the God of Truth. even vatican

  2. Well stated. We agree to an extent on religions, mostly meant organized religions that try to brainwash others, otherwise believing in your own God or religion is paramount over being a follower to someone at a church.

  3. Obama hates Israel, you should be with Obama

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