The jews that control our government are using the fake brothers patsies like anonymous, using them whenever possible to bring down whatever sites like Infowars and now the mother, who both are exposing the truth about the day of the bombing

So much bullshit, when they said the 2nd suspect could not talk, that was code for , these 2 guys are fall guys for our operation that was exposed.

They are now going after people that are exposing the jewish mafia behind the Boston bombings.

Fucking Israel and Mossa, getting scared.

They are using the Tamerlan brothers like Anonymous, bringing them up when they want like the boogeyman. What a bunch of bullshit.

Mom brought up that they were set up. BOOM, go after the mom right away, calling her a terrorist.

Infowars brought up the guys with backpacks at the bombings, boom pin something on Infowars.

2nd suspect might spill the beans, take out his vocal chords. lol

Fucking Israel fucked up this badly and now using US government pawns to cover their asses.

People are awake assholes.

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