The war is lost, game over? Israel wants to keep tabs on all you do online so you never rise up and they can keep you in check

Let me sum it up (and this is only what we know):


•    Google records all your searches

•    Google and others use web bugs to track you

•    SSD drives are not secure eraseable

•    Cell carriers track your GPS location through tower triangulation 8 times a hour keep it for 6 months

•    ISP’s record all your web traffic and keeps it for a year, some have been selling this data now

•    HTML 5 has introduced new cookie tracking methods

•    There are Flash cookies, Evercookies and new forms of cookie tracking popping up all the time

•    Facebook is recording all the websites you visit even if you log out of Facebook

•    Apple’s Safari respawns cookies, gives your location data to websites

•    There are log files on Mac’s that record all the DNS lookups (aka sites you visited)

•    Apple, Microsoft and Google all have been caught violating people’s security and privacy, then give some “opt out” selection somewhere that most people don’t know or bother with so eventually it just gets removed from lack of attention and outrage.

•    Devices from Cellbrite can bypass passwords, encryption and download the entire contents of over 3000 models of cell phones SSD drives in a few minutes.

•    There OS X based “nannyware” that can be used by parents, corporations, schools and business that monitor and even watch the screen of others computers, even turn on the microphone and webcam.

•    There is Linux based forensic software that can be booted off a disk/USB on Mac’s or PC’s and everything a person was doing with the machine laid out like a road map. Delete all you want, it still appears.

•    There is EFI firmware on Mac’s that programs can be installed that bypass and work entirely outside of OS X, get online, check your drive and watch your web traffic.

•    Apple Mac’s incorportate your personal identification all over the computer, broadcasts it online and over local networks (“Tim Jones computer”)

•    Companies, advertising, search engines and otherwise, are in business to profile everyone at a given IP address, supposedly they can classify your personality within the first dozen or two websites you visit, they do this to target advertising at you that your most likely to click on, tugging on your beliefs, political view, age and other factors.

•    Supposedly cell phones can be turned on and into listening devices

•    OS X 10.6.8/10.7.x updates are synching data from Apple for iOS devices and iCloud already.

•    OnStar and TomTom have reportly been caught tracking users.


I used to advise people how to clean up their machines, but it’s been long impossible mission now.


You only choice(s) is if you have a hard drive:


1: Zero erase the entire hard drive, reformat and reinstall OS X, your programs from fresh sources and files from (not TimeMachine!) backup


2: or reverse clone from a pristine clone on a external drive already previously preserved in that state




Treat all technology like the spy/rat/snitch/fink it is and don’t tell it anything you don’t want the world knowing about, think about that before you click every link. Don’t carry anything electronic if you don’t want your location broadcasted to everyone and be targeted for advertising and other scams as you walk around a shopping mall.



The war is lost, game over.



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