AEG & jews alike celebrate killing Michael Jackson probably as much as they enjoyed killing Jesus Christ back in the day

jews from AEG are scum, look at them all happy in the video below, lol

Then on message boards across the nets, jews rejoicing over the win.

If Michael Jackson was jewish, you would never see any of that, but jews like to milk non jews of money and when caught, they like to diffuse heat by ridiculing the non jew either legally or by other means.

When Michael went to the Arabs and Nation of Islam for aid, the jews went after him hard until they killed him off.

Typical jewish scums, that’s AEG.

Stop supporting AEG jews and anything that makes them rich. You’re only helping one of the world’s enemies get stronger.



This is another example of a big corporation only concerned about their own asses/assets/profits.  You can’t tell me that they didn’t know – that they didn’t hire CRM – they wanted Michael’s 1/2 of Sony/ATV.

Glutany and Greed – follow the money trail – they’ll do anything for money.

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