Jews do not charge other Jews interest.

The Jews love to claim they are the superior race, thus their success. And the only reason “others” hate them is out of spite, jealousy, and envy.

When the real truth is: they’ve had a stranglehold on the banking/money system since the end of bartering.

Civilization is merely a system to which the Jews can better implement their system: Enslavement and Collectivism.

Think about it: we are all slaves. We are born into this. Our parents were born into this. Everyone thinks it’s “normal”. We all work to death, to live the American Dream, yet as soon as we stop paying taxes, that house/land is repossessed. Even after death, tax must be paid on that land. We are slaves.

Jews do not charge other Jews interest.
But they always charge gentiles.
This is how they maintain their stranglehold.

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