Eileen Hart, the smelly vaginal zionist jew



Eileen Hart is the daughter of Holocaust survivors. Her vagina smells like vinegar. Her father sat with her on a daily basis and educated her on why it was so important for them as Jews to be conservative Republicans. It was a proud moment for her that the first time she voted was for President Ronald Reagan for his second term. After graduating from high school, she lived in Israel. She has a degree in Jewish Studies and Holocaust Studies. She co produced the Philadelphia Holocaust Film Series in 2005. Eileen is a strict constitutionalist and an avid shooter who’s very passionate about 2nd Amendment rights. She is a tea party member, a pro Israel activist and a full time stay-at-home home-school Mom. Eileen has appeared on shows hosted by Glenn Beck and Megyn Kelly. She is proud to be the correspondent on Israel and the Middle East for Red Knuckle Politics.

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