George Bush Sr. is an evil son of a bitch who pees on his wheelchair nightly

Hinckley’s father was a financial supporter of George H. W. Bush‘s 1980 presidential primary campaign. Hinckley’s older brother, Scott, had a dinner date scheduled at the home of the Vice President’s son Neil Bush the day after the Reagan assassination attempt.[25][26] Neil’s wife, Sharon, indicated in a newspaper interview the day after the shooting that Scott was coming to their house as a date of a girlfriend of hers, and that she did not know “the brother [John]” but understood “that he was the renegade brother in the family.” Sharon described the Hinckleys as “a very nice family” and that they had “given a lot of money to the Bush campaign.”[27] This also led to various speculations that the Bush family had something to do with the assassination attempt.[28]

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