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From Larry Sinclair.

Norma Jean Young, mother of the MURDERED Donald Young Speaks Out: Mother Affirms What Is Written In Barack Obama & Larry Sinclair: Cocaine, Sex, Lies & Murder?

Published July 15, 2010

Norma Jean Young speaks out about the murder of her son, Donald Young, former Choir director of Obama’s Church Trinity United in Chicago.  Mrs. Young  “What was the cause of my son’s death? I’m very suspicious that it may have been related to Obama.” “Donald and Obama were close friends.”

Asked who benefited from a cover-up, Norma says, “it could be anyone, including Obama.”

There is more from Donald’s mother that everyone should read.

Mrs. Young believes she is in danger and is leaving her home for an undisclosed location.”


by Lame Cherry

“…hats off to Lawrence Sinclair, yes that Lawrence Sinclair who FOX played and ignored like the rest of the media in their whispering campaign against him feeding all information to Obama’s syndicate for bringing this Globe story to light, and for breaking this story years ago. Mr. Sinclair stated that Mrs. Young was fearful in her son Donald, an intimate gay sexual consort of B. Hussein Obama, was murdered because of that connection, and the Obama syndicate did it’s damnedest to plug that hole, but once gain the Truth of the situation proves Journalist Lawrence Sinclair has broke the stories which would have had Obama arrested in 2008 if the patrician right had not been so intent on protecting their Obama wonder.”


“That is the harsh reality of this, and a reality where in political gain, the family of Donald Young could finally have Justice.

It is proven that no one in this is going to do the right thing for the right reasons. So I have given the selfish reasons for doing this which will bring about Justice for the Young family.

The Globe is shaking this again to rattle Obama’s cage as he is not coming through with the yellow journalism stories as promised. It is about time that in this Sodom and Gomorrah that a few Angels of our better nature point the direction to go, in how to exploit it, so this can be made hay as now is the time.

It is not hard Rush Limbaugh in your Elton Blonde mode to call up Mark Levin and Sean Hannity to hammer this home, along with our good friend gay issue Matt Drudge. There is murder afoot and it tracks back to B. Hussein Obama. It is all full circle now, and now is the tie time to close this link and really make Obama, Holder and Napolitano dance in a real FBI investigation for the security of Mr. Obama, to apprehend the murderer or murderers in the conspiracy of homicide of Donald Young of Chicago.

Now do your million dollar commentary jobs as Lawrence Sinclair and many others have been doing it for free as you take credit of the “stop Obama movement” which started with Lawrence Sinclair who gave rise to the Birthers and spawned the Tea Party.”


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