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John McCain calls out the homosexual community organizer, “So much for the promise of Change”

You’re a fucking idiot if you didn’t vote for John McCain

For years we’ve listened to the Left calling Bush the worst President in history b/c of his military spending, yet this stimulus bill has outspent all 6 years in Iraq combined and it was done w/in his first month as President. This Obama Administration is the most dangerous I’ve seen or heard about in history. People thought I was overstating how bad this guy was during the campaign and now I’ve learned that I was actually understating it.

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Happy Veterans Day

From Obama, to all Veterans

Donate $5 now and be a good veteran for change!


From Veterans, to the Community Organizer


From McCain, to all Veterans

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Bush kept us safe, world leaders feared him, now it’s our turn to fear them as we rely on a puppet and a lawyer to defend us from terror

If Phil Berg can’t prevail, we will have a bisexual lawyer running the armed forces who can’t make decisions without a teleprompter. The other night, Obambi had to fucking read his own kids names off a fucking teleprompter for god sakes.

World leaders are salivating at the chance to overtake America as the most powerful country in the world.

They are laughing hard at how idiotic Americans are.

They’re taking out all their nuclear toys, ready to bully around the 143 day old freshman senator and community organizer.

Do you think Putin fears a fucking Community Organizer. hahahahaha

Hold on to your nuts, we are in for some really rough times.

Say goodbye to all freedoms both domestic (FISA) and now globally when Russia, North Korea and others start to expose Obama. I can see Obambi now, “Guys, cmon now, I just want to talk, be nice to me, please. What do I do!!!! help me Hillary. Where is McCain!”

WTF are two idiot lawyers like Obama and Biden gonna do? Send legal paperwork to stop them?

Are they going to try to pay off people like they did with the Super Delegates? Won’t work slim.

American voters are complete idiots lacking common sense, the ability to read people and understanding to see past the bullshit corporate marketing of David Axelrod.

These are the same voters who watch American Idol, Dancing with the Stars, BET who are completely star struck and vote based on popularity and nothing else.

You’re a complete fucking idiot voting for Ruben Studdard for President.

Jimmy Carter Part 2, the gay and more dangerous version.

Pray to God, Phil Berg’s lawsuit prevails.

Don’t let us down, U.S. Supreme Court.

Our fellow Americans already did.


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Thank You John McCain | We will never give up


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Nov. 4th, 2008 marks the end of America and the U.S. Constitution | 2 crooked lawyers will run America into the ground

Never forget those who lost their lives on 9/11.

How easily people forget about 9/11

If this election happened on 9/12/2001, would those people vote for Obama??  Having just left the Rev. Wright, “God Damn America” sermon?

We are still fighting the terrorists and now we’re going to surrender. Our troops in the hands of Pelosi and a islamic US President.

Gimmie a Break. Obama Supporters. You guys can’t read people at all.

We see right through Obama and his bullshit.

You voted for a muslim, a mascot for the terrorists.

America wants a teleprompter puppet with some scary associations and terrorist friends, a racist wife & pastor, someone with muslim faith, someone with NO experience in any  business much less congressional  experience, someone who engaged in homosexual activities with Larry Sinclair and has repeatedly lied to America, someone who admits he was a cocaine addict, an Acorn fraud organizer, someone who lied about the FISA Bill, someone who will give BILLIONS of your money to Africa and the world, someone who took illegal overseas money, someone who will SPREAD THE WEALTH, someone who has a fake birth certificate, we can go on for days….for months…..for years…..

Barack Obama? Wow.

The man has to read off the teleprompter when talking about his kids and pets. The guy looks like he’s watching a tennis match everytime he talks. That’s what you want? A high school pep rally?

The results might not be 100% in but we are calling one thing, right now:

America has some of the dumbest people in the entire world

Keep people poor.

That’s how Harry Reid, George Soros, Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the corrupt DNC wants you.

We now have to suffer another 4 years of even more economic turmoil and Chicago style corruption.

Perhaps the only good from this, is knowing that Obama will completely destroy the DNC from his complete mismanagement.

Shame on you media, AND Shame on YOU for voting for a puppet.

God Bless America.

It will never be the same again.

1776 – 2008

Remember Joe Biden said, Obambi will be tested, meaning a terrorist attack on America.

You elected 2 fucking Lawyers to defend us from fucking terrorists.

God Help Us.





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McCain: We Never Give Up

HT/  MilitaryTimesForums


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The only True American on the ballot

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