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Show Me the Economist Who Says We Are In a Crisis Because of a Birth Control Shortage

By Andrea Tantaros
Republican Political Commentator

In perhaps the most absurd move yet by the current Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi is defending her move to include hundreds of millions of dollars in taxpayer money in the stimulus plan to expand family planning services — arguing that it will help financially strapped states.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (AP file photo)

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (AP file photo)

Yes folks, her brain has now officially gone numb.

“…this is a, to stimulate the economy, is an economic recovery package and as we put it forth we have to deal with the consequences of the downturn in our economy. Food stamps, unemployment insurance, some of the initiatives you just mentioned. Believe it or not, they’re the right thing to do but they also stimulate the economy,” Pelosi told George Stephanopoulos on ABC’s “This Week,” who unsurprisingly didn’t press her on how exactly she deduces this notion.

In Pelosi’s world, less mouths to feed equals less money states will have to spend. Show me one economist that says that we are in an economic crisis because of a birth control shortage, or one that says more contraception (aka: population control) will get us out of it faster. What’s next? Federally funded euthanasia?

Rise and shine, Republicans. My prediction that Obama, Reid and Pelosi would present an opportunity for the GOP has already come true.

Republicans aren’t the only ones shaking their heads in disbelief at Pelosi’s latest perplexing policy push. She will likely make many Democrats horribly uncomfortable. It’s one thing to be pro-Choice; it’s another to spend tax payer money on abortions at home — and abroad — in the middle of a financial crisis. And it’s my hunch it won’t take the American people long to figure out what’s going on. This means big problems for our new president, who just last week reversed the Mexico City policy which federally funds overseas abortions.

As I’ve argued before, Obama’s biggest short-to-medium-term problem isn’t Republicans — disorganized, dispirited, and unsure of their footing and without decisive leadership — his problem is the members of his own party who are determined to implement a radical agenda that will eventually alienate middle America. It is a stale, shopworn agenda that is bereft of new ideas, and it could end up creating major problems for the president and the Democratic Party by ultimately wakening conservatives from their stupor.

Rise and shine, Republicans. My prediction that Obama, Reid and Pelosi would present an opportunity for the GOP has already come true.


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Nancy Pelosi doing more corrupt things in S.F. to beat Cindy

By Cindy for Congress

On Monday, we found out that the local “public” broadcasting station was interviewing my opponent, Nancy Pelosi for an entire ½ hour by herself while her three opponents were going to be given “equal time” with the next ½ hour. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that 10 minutes does not equal ½ hour. So, we headed down to KQED and gained access to the lobby to demand equal time. I did not get equal time, but I did get to get on the air with Madame “Impeachment and Debate are off the table” Speaker.

Listen to the call here.

In the very early hours of Thursday morning, the plate glass window in our office was broken. Our homeless friends that sleep on the sidewalk next to our building called the police at 3:30 AM, and they left until our staff arrived at 8am and called the police. Somewhere between 3 AM and 8 AM a computer containing sensitive campaign material was stolen and the SFPD told us that they could not launch a “special investigation” because I am just a “normal citizen” and SFPD refused to even consider that the crime could have been politically motivated.

On Friday, my campaign manager, Tiffany Burns, got into a press conference that Nancy Pelosi was at (funny how she has all this time for interviews, press conferences and fund raisers, but no time to debate her opponents), and asked her why she wouldn’t debate me. Pelosi cowardly ran off instead of answering Tiffany Burns. You can watch the video here.

Now after over a year, we are down to the last 50 hours of this campaign. The feeling is great out there in the district and hundreds of people have told me that they (and all their friends) voted for me. Informal exit polling of early voters at City Hall show me doing very well. Consequently, if I don’t win on Tuesday, or if I don’t get a significant (35% or higher) amount of votes, it won’t be right!
But rest assured, we will never give up or concede until every last vote is counted.

Win or lose on November 4th, I am extremely proud of this campaign and grateful to you for your support and confidence. Cindy for Congress NEVER compromised or sold out our values for money or for votes. If elected, I will never sell out the people I represent like Nancy Pelosi has. Win or lose, November 4th is only the beginning.

The next 50 hours will be non-stop ones for us.

Keep your fingers crossed, candles lit, pray, or do whatever you do to keep sending positive energy our way!

On our way to VICTORY!

Love and peace,



Cindy Sheehan gets 40 Seconds to speak to Nancy Pelosi

San Francisco, California
October 29, 2008
Robert B. Livingston

According to the Wikipedia, KQED 88.5 FM is the the most listened to NPR station in the United States. Between 9 and 11 AM weekdays, tens of thousands of the San Francisco Bay Area´s more civic-minded residents tune in when the radio station broadcasts Forum, a public affairs call-in program.

This morning in a nod to democracy, Forum devoted the hour from 10 to 11 to giving its listening public a chance to get to know the candidates in this year´s District 8 Congressional race.

District 8 represents the greater part of San Francisco– and it has an especially noteworthy race this year because America´s leading peace activist Cindy Sheehan is in the race as an independent candidate.

As has been largely its custom in past major political races, Forum gave the bulk of its program (the first half of the program´s hour) to the sitting incumbent, in this case, House speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Forum allocated the second half of the program to two of her challengers, the Republican Party candidate Dana Walsh and the Libertarian Party candidate Philip Berg.

Cindy Sheehan, although invited to share the second half-hour with Walsh and Berg, had refused to attend on principle: because the program´s time was divided unfairly among all the candidates.

Nevertheless, Cindy took advantage of the opportunity Forum dangles to all its listeners to have a say, and managed to call in to the station and address Nancy Pelosi shortly before the Speaker´s time ran out.

¨I just want to know why you haven´t represented the people of your district and why you haven´t impeached George Bush and Dick Cheney?¨ Cindy was able to ask Pelosi.

Nancy Pelosi thanked Cindy for her call and expressed her admiration for her courage.

¨If I honestly believed that the president had violated the Constitution of the United States, and if my colleagues believed that, I think you would have seen the president impeached,¨ she answered.

As an independent appealing to voters in all parties, Cindy Sheehan has been significantly endorsed by the Green Party whose members have out-polled Republicans in San Francisco in recent years.

Many keen political observers can only guess at how election results may differ if real debates between incumbents and challengers were allowed in public– or on the airwaves.

Cindy Sheehan has repeatedly challenged Nancy Pelosi to a debate, but Pelosi has always refused.

Since before becoming the powerful Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi has neither met with local anti-war activists nor held a public town-hall meeting to address her constituents´ concerns.

Here is a transcript of this morning´s brief exchange between Cindy Sheehan, Forum host Michael Krasny, and Nancy Pelosi:

[Nancy Pelosi finishes answering another caller´s question.]

Krasny: Well, we´ve got a caller here who I think maybe… familiar to you Speaker Pelosi. It´s Cindy Sheehan on the line….

Pelosi: Good morning Cindy.

Sheehen: Good morning Ms. Pelosi.

Pelosi: Good morning to you.

Sheehan: It´s nice to talk to you.

Pelosi: My pleasure.

Sheehan: Um. Well first you answer the question about the debate which I think that you– if you really cared about the voters in San Francisco you could find an hour to debate your opponents, because you do have some opponents here in San Francisco. You haven´t had a town hall meeting…

Krasny interrupts: ´Scuse me, Cindy Sheehan, you had a question you wanted to ask the Speaker?

Sheehan: I do. I do. Over 60% of this district in 2006 voted for an impeachment resolution and I just want to know why you haven´t represented the people of your district and why you haven´t impeached George Bush and Dick Cheney. And you still have time.

Krasny: Alright, thank you for that direct question.

Pelosi: Thank you Cindy. First may I commend Cindy for her race for congress and again express the respect that I have for her for her courage in speaking out in what she believes in, so articulately.

The issue of impeachment is a very controversial one in my own caucus and certainly in the country. The idea that if we disagree with the president we should begin impeachment proceedings is one, that is again, controversial. There are those who believe they have the evidence that the president would be convicted if impeached. Um. I don´t know that we have seen that. I have said that the people who would like to see the president impeached the most are the Republicans. They should love to see the Democrats, as soon as we took power, go down the path of impeaching the president, dividing the country, and neglecting what we wanted to do on minimum wage, and children´s health, and veterans´ benefits and the rest of that, because it would totally consume the congress. It is, again, again, controversial, but if I honestly believed that the president had violated the Constitution of the United States, and if my colleagues believed that, I think you would have seen the president impeached.

Krasny: Let me see if we can get a quick other call in here. Brian go ahead. You´re on.

Brian: Hi. I´m Brian. I´m very interested in….


Many economists are predicting a deep recession that will last years, not months. We are seeing evidence of this as almost one million people have lost their jobs in 2008 and one out of every 11 homes are in foreclosure or heading there.

For example, retail giant, Circuit City will be closing 155 stores and laying-off 17% of its work force. The federal government won’t bailout Circuit City to save those jobs or the jobs of vendors who will lose business, also. But if Circuit City sold mortgage-backed securities instead of TVs and computers, you can bet the feds would be pumping money into Circuit City.

My opponent, Nancy Pelosi who is personally invested in at least one company that has received massive government welfare (AIG) and her colleagues who fought against their constituents to ram this 700 billion dollar farce down our throats are not working to pump money into our economy.

The first thing that I will do as the Congressperson from San Francisco (besides working on impeaching Bush and Cheney) will be to work on legislation to create jobs that pay living wages (not minimum wages) to put people to work repairing our crumbling infrastructure and schools; build affordable housing; cleaning up the environment; invest in renewable energy; build public transportation; and end free trade agreements to bring our good manufacturing jobs back to America.

To pay for these ambitious, yet humane and necessary programs, we need to reduce spending on the military industrial complex; bring our troops back from Iraq and Afghanistan to save 16 billion per month and charge oil companies with excess profit taxes because they have profited off the misery of others for at least a century.

This is an emergency plan and to remake our economy to make Americans prosperous, we will have to restore some financial protections that were destroyed during the Clinton-Bush dynasties. The Federal Reserve (that is neither Federal, nor Reserve) will have to be completely overhauled and single-payer healthcare and free state university education will have to be instituted to educate and take care of every American: not just for the elite. I believe healthcare, housing and education are basic human rights, not privileges. Nancy can come up with 850 billion dollars when her buddies need it; now, my buddies: THE PEOPLE, need a bailout!

If you believe in my “gurgle up” economics plan, please VOTE FOR ME; VOLUNTEER FOR ME; or DONATE $20.08 to help us over the next two days as we are blanketing this city with Cindy Sheehan for Congress materials.

Thank you for your constant support, prayers and confidence!

On our way to VICTORY for the people!

Love and peace


If you would like to volunteer, please call 415-621-5027 or email: Jackson@CindyforCongress.org

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Let’s do some intellectual drilling right now

She knows about drilling alright.

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Cindy Sheehan catches a man trying to wiretap her hotel room telephone

By Rob Kall

Cindy Sheehan returned to her Denver hotel room today to find the door unlocked and ajar. She walked in to discover a man working on her phone, screw driver in hand.

Sheehan reported, in an email,

“As I walked toward my room, I noticed that the door was opened with the security bolt blocking the complete closing of the door. I knew immediately that I had not left the door open, and I double checked to make sure it was the right room because, as a frequent traveler, I have been known to forget my room number, but it was the right room.

I was upset at first thinking that housekeeping had made a mistake and left my room open and I was worried that something might be missing. So I walked into my room and bigger than life, there was a man standing by my desk holding the room phone with a screwdriver in his hand!

I immediately said; “What the hell are you doing? Are you putting a bug on my phone?” He looked like he got caught with his hand in the cookie jar and stammered out: “N–no, we are having problems with the phone.” I told him to get out of my room because my phone was fine and I called the front desk and the person at the front desk stammered something out about “problems” with some of the phones.

This room was reserved soon after we got to Denver last night because the room we had was inadequate for 3 people. The room was reserved under my campaign manager’s name with a CFC debit card. By the time we left for the march, it could have very well been ascertained that I was the one in this room, and the room we did reserve could be bugged, also. I am confident that that’s what was happening when I walked in on the “maintenance” man”

You don’t come in the room with a screwdriver if there are problems with the hotel phones. You do it electronically, through the system or you hook up a new phone.

She said to me, “How many hotel rooms have I been in the past four years? It was so obvious.”

I asked, “Do you think it was Pelosi’s people?” since Sheehan is running against Pelosi, for her congressional seat.

She replied, “Of course, I don’t know.”

I asked, “Have there been any other episodes that would make you believe this kind of action is being taken against you?”

She replied,

“Not since I’ve been running for congress, but there were several times when I was in Crawford, or protesting in D.C., when I felt like we were being surveiled. And actually, in Washington D.C., for a period of time, they would just blatantly follow me, and I would just invite them to come in and have coffee with me. Whenever I was in D.C., whose ever jurisdiction it was, I’d have either the Metro police, the Capitol Hill police or the Park police right on me. Sometimes they were in uniform and sometimes they were plainclothes. But they were very obvious.

Asked how her campaign is going, Sheehan replied,

“I believe the momentum is definitely on our side, especially the last couple weeks, with our signature drive.

The department of elections started to mess with our signatures and say that so many were in-valid, when we knew for a fact that they were valid, because I was checking them myself, on the computer. That really motivated people to help us– to come to the office to help us or sign the petition (to get Cindy on the ballot) or whatever, that said that they had been meaning to help and that this was something that got them of the fence and got them to actually come into the office and volunteer. We’ve had ten of thousands of dollars come into the campaign since then and we really have a comfortable amount of money to get our message out– the message that our country is in deep trouble and Nancy is definitely not the solution. She’s part of the problem. And we’re going to educate the people of San Francisco about this using alternative forms of media and convince them that I am the alternative– that I will work to be the voice of the people of San Francisco. And that’s something that she has not ever been. I think there is a lot of positive excitement and momentum. Her book tour didn’t help her out any.

The campaign’s going great. We’ve been able to hire more staff.

Asked about her goals for Denver, she described,

“after protesting the Republicans for so many years, the Democrats have been moving steadily to the right. We want to show that we’re not okay with that, that we want to bring the party closer to the people and further from the corporate lobbyists.

Rob Kall is executive editor and publisher of OpEdNews.com, President of Futurehealth, Inc, inventor .


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Cindy Sheehan, an icon of the anti-war movement, has qualified to challenge House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for her seat in Congress

SAN FRANCISCO — Cindy Sheehan, an icon of the anti-war movement, has qualified to challenge House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for her seat in Congress.

Sheehan, 51, says Pelosi failed to persuade her party to end funding for the Iraq war after Democrats reclaimed the House majority in the 2006 midterm elections. She also accused the speaker of failing to hold the administration accountable for the administration’s warrantless wiretapping program.

Sheehan, who lost her son in the war, is best known for beginning a vigil outside President Bush’s Texas ranch in August 2005.

“I feel like Nancy Pelosi, as the Democratic leader, has failed our country miserably, funding for more war,” Sheehan said Monday. “The speaker’s failed to hold George Bush and Dick Cheney accountable.”

San Francisco election officials on Monday said Sheehan turned in 214 more valid signatures than the 10,198 she needed to qualify for the November ballot as an independent candidate for the 8th Congressional District seat.

The speaker welcomes the challenge, said Pelosi spokesman Drew Hammill.

“The speaker has the highest respect for Cindy Sheehan. Ms. Sheehan lost her son in the Iraq war and has the right — as every American has — to run for office,” Hammill said in a statement.

Pelosi, 67 and in her 11th term, has said she is disappointed that Democrats have not been able to stop the war in Iraq. Last year, the House passed legislation giving Bush $70 billion for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan with no deadlines for troop withdrawal.

Pelosi won her 2006 campaign with 80 percent of the vote. Sheehan also will be at a distinct financial disadvantage as she takes on one of the most powerful politicians in the country.

She said her campaign has collected more than $300,000, compared with nearly $2.4 million collected by Pelosi through the end of June.

The other candidate on the ballot for the 8th district seat is Republican Dana Walsh.


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Pelosi likes them young and inexperienced

Hey Nancy,

It’s Barry baby..

‘I’m young and inexperienced and I’ve got a funny name. And did I mention I’m black.. “

OH MY! Yes! Yes!






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John McCain to Pelosi and the Do Nothing Congress, ‘Get Back to Work’ No Time for Vacations.

John McCain urges members of congress to come back from vacation to pass energy reform legislation.

Not only did the problem not happen with Clinton, but Clinton was the most progressive energy president ever. Oil was basically the same price per barrel from the time he took office to the time he left.

The real problem started in 2006/7 with the Dem Congress. I hate when either party holds the economy hostage for political gain .. “Let me be clear”. That is exactly what the Dem Congress is doing.


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